Reignite your FIRE!

What makes you burn with intensity? Is it your work? Is it your family? Do you even know anymore?

At Capriole Coaching we know that the embers are still burning.  All you need to do is add a little fuel!

Positive Movement

The human fire is created through focused action, and this focused action happens when the mind and the body are running optimally. Positive Movement is the system that Capriole Coaching uses to link your mind and body back together.

The body NEEDS to move: It needs to move a lot, in a variety of ways. Our goal is to teach people movements that are playful and useful. One without the other won't do and isn't sustainable.

The brain can only be creative when the mind is clear and focused: Emotions come from how our mind interprets the world around us. Our goal is to clear out mental barriers that hold you back and keep you stuck. To go after your dreams your whole being needs to be onboard and that only happens when your mind is open and excited to take the leap.

What are your goals and dreams? Put some positive movement behind them and Reignite your fire!


Nothing Jennifer does surprises Stash and Goblin
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