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At Capriole Coaching we believe that people who are able to live life joyously not only achieve success, but also are able to change our world in a positive way.


Why do we believe this?


We believe that joyous people live authentically. They say and do what they truly believe and live in the world as they truly are. They take the time to stop and look within themselves, to discover their own truths and passions and then live in the world from that place. It is in this authenticity that the character necessary for success is derived.


Joy comes not only from the self-confidence found in success but also from the lessons learned in mistakes and failures. Each problem is an obstacle to be overcome and we love the challenge it presents. Joyous individuals are open-minded to the way others think and they don’t push their own personal agenda or insecurities on those around them. Others can’t help but be drawn by the energy and positive acceptance that this creates.


Our goal, at Capriole Coaching, is to assist Individuals and families find their joyous selves through Positive Movement. We believe that anyone can live joyously and thrive, and as they do so, they will inspire others to do the same.




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Jennifer West

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