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Horses live in the present moment, which is also a primary goal of the experiential work in the Gestalt format. This method allows the coach to assist the client in efficient, permanent, and effective releases that effect significant personal change.


The horse is not seen as a tool but, rather, as a partner, sharing essential information with the coach about the client's somatic state. The horse is actually guiding the intervention and is not merely a "mirror." The client works primarily from the heart and maintains body awareness throughout, with the horse a critical component of the process-a true therapist-and the coach often serves as a "translator" between horse and client. This co-active approach is based on trusting that the clients hold their own solutions and answers-often just outside their awareness With this process, blocks to understanding are released and awareness is realized, supported, and regaled.

Stash (Rainy Day Stash)

Born April 2005

Stash has always been a very independent and playful soul. From her very first days on this planet she would run around her pasture with her mother chasing behind telling her to stay close. She is very people oriented and loves to visit and hang out when a person is in the  field, and she loves to learn. Always the first to step up and say pick me for work, training or anything else that might come her way.

Stash is a guide to self-understanding and a  teacher of independent thought

Stash's Fitness tip:


Be bold and do your own thing! Movement should make you happy. If you're not happy do something different.

Jazz (Wicked Jazz Fever)

Born May 2007

Jazz has a calm relaxed nature, not nearly as outgoing as his sister Stash. He is very comfortable away from the group doing his own thing. We suspect he may be testing the waters cautiously seeking the job of herd leader. His sensible nature is complimented by his playful bursts of energy and power. Jazz wants to be around people and loves to interact with them. We started riding Jazz in the spring of 2010and he is fast becoming a Always ready for a good time total joy with his smooth gaits and soft handle. Jazz has a heart is as big and beautiful as he is!

Jazz's Fitness tip:


Go Big! Then act like it was nothing. Brute force, high jumps and killer kicks. That's what it's all about.

Rainy (Smokes Rainy Day)

Born Summer 1996

Rainy is our Super Star! With her successful career in Non-pro Reining she has made us very proud in the show pen! Now she is the tender mother spirit for our entire herd. Her energy is soft and caring, however she knows how to take the lead when needed. Rainy is our herds most thoughtful member, preferring to wait quietly and observe, then determine the best course of action. She is the biological mother of Jazz and Stash, through her they both received kind gentle dispositions, common sense and athleticism.

Rainy's Fitness tip:


Training in the arena is all well and good, but if it doesn't transfer to the pasture or the trail it's useless.

Karmel (Treasures Jackpot)

Born Summer 1989

Karmel is our old wise leader although scratch his belly and he melts with joy. Though getting up there in age, he receives the utmost respect from the rest of the herd. He has very clear boundaries and an awareness of his surroundings that makes him a great leader. Karmel is a great teacher of fair and clear boundaries for us too and he can show what it takes to truly lead.

Karmel's Fitness tips:


Old age is no Excuse! Find someone younger than you to keep you moving your entire life.


As you age you should focus on efficiency and grace. Leave brute strength for the kids.


Born Summer 2003

Goblins's Fitness tip:


Work your sprints! Be fluid over obstacles and fast as a bullet. You never know when you will need to bolt.

A leader in her own right, Goblin can "draw a line in the sand" if need be. She was born on the prairie and taught her first lessons by a wild mare. She was orphaned when only two weeks old and raised by loving humans saved from the killer truck. She is very alert with a cautious, suspicious personality and an act quickly, survive, and then think. Quite an asset for a horse that needs to live in the wild, that said; she is a curious, generous, loving mare and a delight to work with. She trusts her rider completely and adores being ridden. Goblin is lots of fun, being sure footed, smart and bold on the trail. You will enjoy her sense of humor as well as her flashy good looks!

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