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How we do it


Movement:Sherwood Forest climbing

Our brains learn and grow when our bodies are in motion. We have more energy, we feel better about ourselves and this, in turn, gives us the drive to take control of our world and our lives. Most of the things we do in our daily lives are not in tune with the way humans have evolved.
Deep snow calls for flips and angel making! Our biology requires us to move to maintain our health and we believe that the principles of Natural Movement connect us to what we intuitively know we need. With movement we notice where we carry tension and why. Through motion we become acutely aware of our breathing, or all to often, the lack there of. We also use movement to make abstract ideas and struggle concrete.  This allows us to bridge the gap and find solutions that might have previously been missed. Rediscovering our bodies awakens our senses, activates our creative spirit, and brings an over all sense of well being.







Authenticity detectors (Horse facilitators):


Horses live in the current moment and in the world of energy recognition. As a prey animal, this is a necessity. A horse doesn’t cling to the past and isn’t Hello little babydistracted by the future. Unlike humans, horses take full advantage of all of their senses and are fully in tune with the energy around them. When a horse partners with the Gestalt coach, clients are able to get out of their heads and connect with who they truly are. Learning what it means to become grounded in the "here and now" helps enable an individual in taking conscious actions in their daily lives.




Watch this video to see how the horses participate in coaching



Interactions with nature:


When we have the opportunity to take a step back, be in the moment and breathe, we get the chance to remember how our biology works and what truly motivates us. Whether doing movement with our bodies or reconnecting with our soul through the assistance of horses we are stepping into nature. Individuals can’t help but become aware of the moment and awaken to the world around them. Hiking "The hardest mile"Connection with what is, not what was or what will be is so foreign to us and by just "being" for a moment can re-awaken our spirit and sense of what is truly important.











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