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Find what works for you!

We believe that mind is body and body is mind and people who live with a bright fire inside them need wholeness of self. This belief guides everything we do at Capriole Coaching whether it's one-on-one life coaching sessions with the horses or group movement classes, both the mind and the body are considered as one whole and they must be healed and grown together.

The way we acheive this is by moving a person from a concrete idea, say physical balance, to more abstract ideas like life balance. The mind and what it focuses on really drives how the body responds, and in turn creates the emotional habits we live by. So we at Capriole Coaching, put a lot of energy into the mind and the emotional body. Health is a byproduct of thoughts and those thoughts have the power to move a person in a positive direction on a consistent basis. What you believe matters and we want to support you in being the best you can be.

So, where is the best place to start? We offer many different options to get you moving both mentally and physically. The choice is yours. Take a look below and start where you feel most comfortable.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is for people who really like that one-on-one experience. We will find what works best for YOU. What are your goals and what is the best way to meet those goals. The questions, directions and focus is all on you! Since we cater to your needs as an individual, all movement styles apply.

Find a date and time that works best for your schedule here.

  • Private Equine Gestalt Coaching session
    Find yourself through horses. This One-on-One session or more appropriately Two-on-One session allows you to explore your inner wisdom with at assistance of a 1200lb, highly intuitive horse. The coach and horse work as a team to bring about profound awareness and self discovery. Come out and see how horses can support you on your journey to reignite your fire!
    --Prior horse experience is not necessary.

  • One-on-One Movement Coaching
    Whether you are a peak performer or you just want to be able to keep up with the kids and not get injured, Capriole Coaching is here to help. Our private sessions are organized around your fitness needs. Using Natural Movement we find instabilities and then teach you how to move more effectively and efficiently.

  • Phone Coaching
    Don’t have the time to meet us in the park or the barn? Capriole Coaching offers phone coaching to support and guide you as you examine your life and rediscover what ignites your inner fire. These sessions are an excellent way provide yourself with accountability and support while healing your past and designing your future.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is for people who really like the social aspects, comradery and connection provided by a group enviorment. We will still be focusing on individual aspects of your movement practice but there is the added advantage of support and new friendships. Since there is a group dynamic here, pay attention to where your movment style might fit in. Everyone is welcome in any group, so don't feel like you have to ignore an event if your style isn't listed. Our suggestions are just that, suggestions.

Find group classes happening this week here

  • Personal Mission Mastery™
    What would it be like if you had an over-arching theme that made all of the pieces of your life connect and feel whole?

    This ongoing group class will delve into your personality, identity, and your values and beliefs. As you get to know yourself better you will start to see patterns and themes that make up your mission. We will work together to put words to the feelings and energies of your life and build a statement that encompasses your deepest purpose. This personal mission statement will give you the power to make future decisions that are truly fulfilling and empowering.

  • Wild West Workout™
    Wild = Out in nature. Specifically a horse pasture playing around and with horses. All weather, come rain or shine! (between Longmont and Boulder)

    West = My last name

    Workout = Fun alliterative ;) but really it's about moving, mindfulness and experiencing fitness in a fun, healthy, active way!

    Although this class is called a “workout” it's really a work-it-out. Work out stress, work out tension, work out your feelings, work out your beliefs about fitness, work out your guilt.
    --concepts: mindfulness of movement; awareness; effective efficient, physical competence, healthy boundaries and leadership
    --Possible side effects may include but are not limited to: energy and vitality, weight loss, better relationship with children and family, less injury, pure enjoyment of your body, sense of wellbeing, more connection and fulfillment.

  • Movement in the Park
    Get out and learn to move.  Remember what it was like to play on the playground?  It felt free and natural.  You were probably in pretty good shape as a kid but you weren't thinking about calorie burn or cardio or hitting the weights, you were just moving.  This group formalizes that playful spirit with useful and practical application.  Learn how to move in an adaptable, complex and masterful way and have fun doing it. We've recently moved this group as well as our walking group to Meetup.

Other Fun Offerings
  • Envisioning Workshop (Seasonal )
    As the new year approaches it's traditional to set intentions for the coming year.  Having goals as you move forward is good, but how often do you look back, take inventory and celebrate the year that is passing?  Envisioning workshops are 3 week workshops that give you the tools to make the most out of your new year while also allowing you to embrace all that you have experienced in the year you are wrapping up. This workshop is about your acheivements and your goals so it's great for everyone!

  • Awaken the Muse series™
    This is Equine Gestalt coaching and movement combined at it's best! Awaken the Muse is all about your personal growth and examining what's working for you and whats not and assisting you in self discovery and betterment.  From one day seminars to full on Retreats this is a way to really experinece how horses and movment can heal and strenthen who you are.  NOTE: Awaken the muse is not about the "workout" it's about movement and the mind.  So it might be dance, it might be painting and art.  As long as there is a physical component it applies to movement.  You're not going to want to miss this!  Keep your eyes open for our great offerings!

  • Mud Runs
    Have you ever wanted to try one of those "obstacle course mud runs" but didn't know how to train and didn't want to do it alone. Come join the Capriole Coaching team as we train and run. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming mud run this year