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Jennifer's Story


Jazz knows he's the main guy.Jennifer lives life with a playful, joyous spirit. As a child, Jennifer and her best friend would create crazy adventures riding their wild war ponies through pastures and woods. A bond was formed in those days, both with friends and the horses they rode. It wasn’t just children playing games on horses, but horses and children sharing adventures Working out with Shoalin Monk in Chinatogether.

However, as Jennifer grew and started to plan her career, this playful, joyous side was never part of the equation. Her childlike fire and energy was suppressed and what became important was finding a career that fit what society deemed "worthy". It was about money and making ends meet.


While in College, pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Jennifer started to work for a professional reining horse trainer. This experience taught Jennifer many lessons, but the competitive reining horse environment did not provide the passion and enthusiasm for horses that she had enjoyed in her youth. Still, for her, the highlight of the reining business was connecting with the horses, the owners, the trainers and other staff. Jennifer loved to break the young horses and to teach them fun reining tricks. She also loved making sure everyone felt like family whenever they were in the barn.

Jennifer’s favorite activity was taking the young horses out on trail rides. She loved the opportunity to expand their minds, get them out of the arena, and challenge them in more natural ways. Her need to connect closely with horses and people didn’t really mesh with the high-pressure horse training industry; an environment where the purpose is to Jenn Reining on PeePecreate the best Reining horses in the shortest time possible. So, after a few years she decided there had to be a better way to make horses a part of her life, and it was clear that a career in horse training didn’t fit the bill.

Since Jennifer decided she wasn’t going to be a professional horse trainer by trade, she instead followed her college course work and pursued a career in Information Technology. Jennifer excelled at her job and she took great pleasure in her natural ability to troubleshoot problems that helped others get their jobs done. Also, her office was located in the heart of Boulder Colorado, a world-renowned Mecca of athletic activity, and this fortuitous location fanned the flames for adventure and movement.

Over time through her interactions with both coworkers and friends, she came to realize that she could not only connect with others through playful movement, but she could also reconnect with her truest self. And that spark she knew as a child was reborn.Can't touch this!

That’s when a change took place. The fire within ignited again and her imagination was alive with ideas. In 2012 Jennifer achieved Level 2 Trainer certification in MovNat, a program developed by Erwan Le Corre and in February of 2013 she received her Equine Gestalt Coaching Method Certification from the Touched By A horse program created Finish line Tough Mudderby Melisa Pearce. This combination of Movement and Gestalt disciplines exemplifies her passion to connect and play, both with horses and people. Capriole Coaching is the culmination of the many adventures that have shaped Jennifer’s joyous spirit and her deep passion for sharing that spirit with others.







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