The eye is the window to the soul.

Jenn is an incredibly talented and intuitive coach. During a session with her she immediately picked up on my energy, which was very low at the time. She suggested that we go into the round pen and ask if I would consider learning some Tai Chi moves. She proceeded to teach me the sword form and it was magical. It was as if we were dancing with the horse. I've never felt so alive. Jenn truly understands that coaching is about wholeness of body, mind and spirit. She knew exactly what I needed that day and it's an experience I will never forget. If you have an opportunity to work with her, please don't pass it up. It will transform your life.


--Margo, TX

To put it simply, Jennifer West has changed my life. She has helped me change my own life.


Before I started meeting with Jennifer, I was struggling to understand why my life was heading in a downward spiral. The biggest problem was that I didn't know this was a problem. I believed that this was just the hand that life had dealt me. As Jennifer and I started our sessions, I discussed many trivial things. Jennifer was able to guide me to more insightful conversations. Jennifer gently took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to discover, for myself, how I reacted to situations and then showed me another perspective.


When we started working with the horses, I was very nervous. Never having been around these large, powerful animals, I was hesitant to be on the same side of the fence. Jennifer taught me how to be near them and after that I was able to witness the truly insightful nature of these creatures. It was an amazing experience.


So where am I now? I am more satisfied with my profession, more able to look objectively at situations, generally calmer and less reactive. This has made my life easier, healthier and happier. Even my children have commented on how much happier mom is. While I know that there are other things I will need to work on, I am confident that I can accomplish any task put before me and do it with a positive outcome. Thank you, Jennifer, for guiding me through rough waters, safely back to shore.


--Amy, CO

Jennifer West is awesome! I moved to Colorado about  two and half years ago and was looking for a friendly walking group. I sure found a fun group. Walking for health is really important to me.  I have walked 2 marathons and a lot of half marathons over the years. Jennifer has always been helpful with giving tips on eating healthy and with giving advice about how to help relieve sore muscle pain. She also ran a class last summer that included a lot of stretching exercises. I greatly benefited from that class. Jennifer always holds the walk whether it is raining or snowing.

That is what I love about her meet-up.


--Josie, CO

When you move to a new City how do you meet interesting and fun new people? Well thank goodness I joined Jenn West and others walking, hiking, paddle boarding, and getting to learn about horses through Jenn's generosity as a coach. The greatest gift having Jenn as a coach and leader is there in no fear in trying something new and no judgement. Do your best and pick up some tips along the way. One of my favorite moments was climbing up into the barn at Jenn's horse movement class. The barn was just so peaceful and anxiously waiting down below were the horses hoping for a gentle drop down the chute of hay! For me that was the memory moment.  Sometimes it's the little things! As time has progressed I have learned whether I do 3 miles or 1 mile I got up and moved. This shift in my thinking is the motivation I learned from Jenn.


--Peggy, CO

Jennifer West is a spirited and down to earth individual who welcomes everyone she meets with open arms. This transfers directly into her work at Capriole Coaching. Everything she teaches is stripped down to the basics and fundamental building blocks of life to help revive clients from the inside out. What I love most about Capriole Coaching is that you get to work your body, mind, and soul all while having fun. As we grow up we forget how to be kids, and being a kid is where we learn to push our bodies and expand our minds. I started working with Capriole Coaching a year and a half ago and it has brought an element to my life I didn't know I was missing.


--Chelbi, WA

Jenn West has been my life coach on and off for several years. One of the greatest gifts from Jenn was knowing, understanding that when I'm stuck, or feeling like I need extra help or support she is there!  I felt, and continue to feel changes in my mind, body, and soul; because Jenn helped me open my eyes to all my possibilities!  One of the greatest experiences I had was during her Gestalt Group. It proudly changed how I perceived myself and my self-talk. I'm truly grateful for Jenn, her horses, and her time. I highly recommend her and her team to anyone, especially those looking to put more movement in their lives.


--Sara, CO



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