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In the spirit of PLAY. which as we stated, consists of awareness, curiosity, non-judgment and choice, you will be invited into activities that teach you through experiential learning.  These activities include movement, horse facilitators, and nature.



Capriole Coaching uses physical movement to reconnect you with your physical body, your environment and your overall life.  We use concrete demonstrations and experiences such as physical balance on a balance beam to bring insight into the more abstract concepts of your life.  The insights that come from your physical lessons can be used to bridge gaps and help you find solutions in your relationships, or at work that you may have previously missed.

Not to mention you will feel better when you move your body.  Your brain learns and grows when your body is in motion.  You will have more energy, you will feel better about yourself and you will be more creative.  At Capriole Coaching we recognize that most people associate movement with grueling exercise and we want to help you break that connection and become friends with your physical body again.

Rediscover your body, awaken your senses, activate your creative spirit, and bring an overall sense of well being to your life.


Authenticity detectors (Horse facilitators):

Truth, Trust and Bonding

Are you speaking your truth?

Horses live in the current moment and in the world of energy recognition. As a prey animal, this is a necessity. A horse doesn’t cling to the past and isn’t distracted by the future. Unlike us, horses take full advantage of all of their senses and are fully in tune with the energy around them.

At Capriole Coaching we partner with horses to awaken you to your senses, ground you to the present moment and open you up to choice and possibility.


Our horses love to teach PLAY whether it be in the round pen doing EGCM work or in the field working-"it"-out with the Wild West Workout™.

Hello little baby

Watch this video to see how the horses participate in coaching

Interactions with nature:

Man on the hunt...

Moving forward is exciting...

Are you always on the Go, Go, Go?


Step back into nature and find your natural rhythm.  Connect with the sights, sounds and smells around you.  Move with mindfulness and attention and remember what it's like to breathe and just "be" present.  Doing is important, and that's a big part of our work at Capriole Coaching, AND it's also important to stop, notice and reflect.  Why?  Because this simple act is how your body and mind rejuvenates, relaxes and brings you the clarity you need to move forward.


Spending time in nature on a trail, with horses, interacting with baby goats, enjoying time in a park will help you find your center, raise your awareness and build your skills in curiosity.



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