Hi, I’m Jennifer West and I’m the founder, CEO, and janitor of Capriole Coaching.  I specialize in assisting people as they reignite their fire for life and create joyous living for themselves and their family.  Some of my tools are:

Moving Hay
Time to go to work.
  • Co-Active Coaching:
    Gestalt training through (EGCMethod)
    The horses are really the best coaches around and  they bring about the biggest “ah ha’s” for people.  In this realm I’m the translator, marketing agent, and co-facilitator for these fine coaches.
  • Movement Specialist:
    I believe that movement is life, but I don’t think that riding a stationary bike or running on a treadmill is fulfilling or fun.  I was trained as a level 2 certified MovNat coach (natural movement) and I now use what I learned about the concrete ideas of physical movement to translate the abstract parts of living.
  • Mom of a 12 yr old:
    The most demanding and rewarding job of all.  My son is my greatest teacher and most demanding student.

So what the heck is this site all about?

As a coach it’s my job to be open to the experiences and perspectives of others and then assist them in discovering, and then integrating into their life, that which ignites their personal fire.   Being an experiential person by nature, I need to experiment and test ideas and theories on myself first – to prove their worth to me, if no one else .  This blog is my way of sharing the coaching work I do on myself, from being stuck to becoming aware and then onto growth.    It will cover observations I have and lessons I learn playing with my son, working with the horses or just weeding the garden.   Hence the name of this blog.  Life is the school and experience is the lesson.  All we need to do is pay attention, experiment and trust our inner knowing.

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  1. Lisa LoPresti says:

    Would.love to join the blogs, receive assistance and be able to give to others…

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