Why Capriole

Cap·ri·ole (kap-ree-ohl)
A capriole is an athletic movement preformed by a trained horse in which the animal performs an upward leap, without going forward, and at the height of the leap kicks out with it’s hind legs. It’s a beautifully athletic move and an inspiration to watch. It takes the horses natural movement and refines the ability to it’s highest potential.

This exemplifies the qualities that inspire Capriole Coaching. It’s about our ability to take our natural tendencies, exam them, and make them better, the drive to be daring and powerful but most importantly to take our visions to the highest level by leaping straight up and celebrating our success with a powerful KICK

A capriole is also described as a playful leap or jump. We love this as well. When the idea came about to create a company that centered on Equine Gestalt Coaching and natural movement, play was the vision for it all. We want to take the energy wasted in useless stress and worry about our jobs, our health, our family, and our kids and redirect it into something healthy and useful. We want to show how play allows you to discover your best self and life purpose.

The Logo
Our logo is the physical representation of a joyous spirit.  The person is serene, which allows them to live life in a state of awe and gratitude. The horse is a creation of our serene individual. This inner calm allows for the creation of strength, agility and power that is shown in the horse performing the capriole.  It is the embodiment of the individuals full potential.  Which includes awareness, energy and vitality.  The combination of our person and horse qualities makes for a playful and joyous individual, as the individual knows their heart and has the strength of will and body to go after their passions while fully appreciating and celebrating life.  True Balance.