Magnificence and Grace

leaving routine and wandering in the leprechaun’s land

Routine can make one blind
becoming unconscious to everyday finds
useful for getting jobs done and feeling safe
but destructive in seeing magnificence and grace

This must be the pull to embark upon adventures and vacate
to experience the world fresh and free without the known we create

Eight of us there were
the grandparents, and two next generation families join.
the youngest of the group a pair of smart and lovely boys
their birthdays fall on either side of the trip
leaving them 9 and almost 11 so perfectly equipped

Grace of the children was easiest to spy
as they aren’t held yet by habit and pride
both blew my mind by their openness to what came
and the true kindness within their hearts
something we all could strive to attain

My nephew a bright light to behold
his wit and unique ideas unfold
his powerful grit, leadership and smile so bright
I watched his confidence and persistence with delight

My own son a Zen traveling master it would seem
I watched as he bloomed as if in a dream
jumping and climbing as he never had done
growing both in knowledge and also embracing playful fun

The grace of adults often harder to see
as we cling to our habits still mysteries we be
we get wrapped up in our unconscious beliefs
we create conflict and discord
where we need not disagree

Still, in this beautiful land
I see the magnificence from all on hand
a gift for sure as we play in Ireland

The grandparents are the ones who initiate
their hearts so open as they invite us all to participate
a week in the emerald isle, a place so fully grand
magnificent and kind, sharing the heights at which they stand
they inspire us all with a life that is full
in their 8th decade they still travel the world

My brother-in-law a mystery at times
and yet very much intensely alive
he’s a quiet one who sees with his very keen eye
his smile is bright and I wonder his thoughts as he sits on the side
I watch him sit back in his calm in-the-moment way
always makes the plan where his family gets adventure each day

My Sister-in-law the most lovely of all
thoughtful and warmhearted her warmth like a well loved shawl
a presence even when she’s not around and seen
when she comes out and participates on this great stage
one feels her deep compassion outpouring in spades

My husband so wonderful to travel with
we pal around it’s what makes life magnificent
often correct in his thinking as he is wise and discerning
at times I so love it and yet it can be so unnerving
his responsibility for all and his principles abound
I love when he smiles and I want to be close when he is around

An honorable mention I must add to this list
my mother at home taking care of life during our trip
Kind and keen on the top of her game
everything handled, cared for; such a wonderful dame
I have not a worry while we fly through the air
I know my mother is taking superlative care

As for me, I find myself very hard to see
more often than not I’m wrapped in melancholy
and inadequacy
my hope is that I bring unique and playful energy
looking at the world just a bit differently
I bring a trail to hike and a tree to climb
nature in abundance I find it sublime

Grace in all, it’s present every day
all we need is to remember to look underfoot
don’t let routine distract us from all of the good20190623_153603

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Such a lovely poem. Poetry is so refreshing

    1. Thank you. I have found, for me, that poetry provides a cleaner account of my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, my other writings meander as I try to hold too many ideas at once.

  2. Penny Adair says:

    Beautiful and heartfelt…I loved every word.

  3. EricR says:

    Thanks for this poem. It evokes the importance and immediacy of a graceful moment. The simple idea that allowing ourselves to be distracted from it is one worth remembering. Thanks.

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