Two Sisters

I watch these two women
best friends all their lives
always there for one another
both happy and bright

Their children more like siblings than anything else
their energy tied together so well, these women of Celts
their friendship so full they need not even speak
the bond is abundant, special and quite unique

Both took their own roads along in this life
one making sure she was doing things good and upright
seeing the best path she directed those around
knowing the best way that would lead to things profound

The other sister strong and independent and free
lived a life more reckless where nothings guaranteed
powerful and brave she could foresee possible hard times
her wonderful insight and preparing, she so cares for her tribes

Both powerful and capable well rounded by life
coming together over and over to play and hold each other tight

Both supports for the other, until their sage years arrived
forgetting their will and power to thrive
it seems their insecurities run amuck and took over
fearful of what they might lose as they feel great exposure
they forgot how to enjoy and find possibility in the upcoming years
each exaggerating the others greatest fears

One becoming critical and impatient as she perceives what is right
feeling heavier resentment creeping into the light
the idealistic views compromising how much she cares
her body not responding the right moves just aren’t there

The other so concerned about being safe and prepared
it comes off as fearful instead of aware
worst case scenarios run in her head, yes they race
yet holding back opinions not showing her grace

Now the sisters unknowing their impact, they are
exacerbating the others fears of themselves, they actually mar
instead of allowing each other to stand tall
each worries the other will slip up and fall

The solution it seems is to own their own grace
both living great lives that they each can embrace

Step into the sage, they both deserve to hold
for one self-acceptance and serenity is told
can offer discernment and profound dignity
the other a deep sense of inner knowing and gifting clarity

Wonderful they can be
powerful and wise
let go of the fears hid deeply inside.
blossom together in years beautiful and strong
sisters forever
forever and on

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